Contraband Lowrider Hookah

Contraband Lowrider Hookah


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Experience the perfect smoking session when you bring Contrabands Low Rider Hookah to the table. This stylish German hookah features a black carbon fiber design with black coil-over with gold stainless steel accents, perfect for any setting. What makes it truly stand out is its 4-way design, allowing four people to smoke simultaneously. Plus, its unique tray sports a brake caliber and 5 star double spoke rim – definitely adding to the curb appeal of this impressive device! The custom glass base also ensures a large amount of water and smoke, making sure you get an intense smoking experience every time. Get ready for an unparalleled session of relaxation and pleasure with Contrabands Low Rider Hookah!

Features/Whats included:
• 23.5 inches tall from base to top of the stem (taller with head & hmd)
• Stainless steel stem, down stem & heart with carbon fibre stem & coilover and coil over accent
• Glazed funnel bowl
• Stainless steel chimney heat management system
• Can purge from 3 of the hose adapters if one ball is removed
• Stainless steel mouthpiece with soft touch hose with tension spring
• Diffuser included
• Custom heavy crystal base
• Stainless Steel Tongs
• Made in Germany

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