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Contraband Hookah has made its mark on the hookah industry selling the highest quality hookahs without sacrificing quality while keeping the costs low. All beautifully handcrafted hookahs come complete:

Stainless Steel Hookah

Our hookahs are made with high quality stainless steel with exquisite resins. We do not use aluminum or chrome whatsoever


Every Contraband Hookah comes with a beautifully handcrafted glazed funnel bowl. Perfect for tobacco and cream substitutes

Heat Management Device

A hookah industry first - stainless steel chimney heat management that fits on a funnel bowl are included with every hookah

Hose, Mouthpiece & Spring

Soft touch medical grade silicone hoses are included along with stainless steel mouthpiece and tension spring

Heavy Crystal Base

Beautiful heavy crystal glass bases are included with every hookah. These bases are heavy duty and built to last


Every Contraband Hookah is equipped with a stainless steel diffuser acting as a silencer and aerator on your smoke sessions


The boring side purge hookahs are thing of the past. Our hookahs all have gorgeous purges where you can blow out the smoke

Made in Germany

Made in the Germany - hold one of our creations and you will feel the passion that goes into every Contraband Hookah


Last but not least - stainless steel tongs are included ensuring proper grip of charcoal reducing unsightly accidents.

Who We Are

Contraband hookah was founded in Munich, Germany.

Our company philosophy is simple - give the best quality hookah at the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality. Hold one of our hookah creations and you will feel the the passion that drives us!

Beautiful Purge (Smoke Blow out)
Parts always in stock